Courtesy Rounds

A limited number of pre-booked courtesy rounds are available at Harwich & Dovercourt Golf Club. You must book these through the office. 

You will need proof of your membership of a club/association or team.

The qualifying conditions are:
  • A member of BIGGA (greenkeepers association)
  • An active member of the PGA (professional golfers association)
  • A member of the GCMA (golf club managers association)
  • A member of a SmartGolfer Golf Club (see folder for procedure)
  • A member of the Essex Golf Union LF Wood/Thornton Cup team who is drawn to play at our course (a letter from your team captain should be sent to the office with the selected team names on it)
  • No other teams are entitled to a courtesy round.
  • External Golf competitions are not entitled to a courtesy round even if playing against one of our members.
Reduced Rates

Reduced rates are available to:

  • Golfers playing with a member of HDGC (max one four ball including member)
  • Members of Clacton on Sea, Frinton or Braintree Golf Club (with member fee's)
  • We accept Essex County Cards and charge with member fee's for this (evidence of card needed)
Buggy Hire at Full price, subject to availability. 
other deals are at the discretion of the clubs. Please contact the office for further advice. 

Course Status
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08.08.2022 07:53
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Greens have been solid tine with 8mm tines to a depth of 140 mm, roll and cut behind ready for play. This will allow irragation to penetrate the surface. Also this will help relieve compassion allowing the soil the breath for healthier root growth. The holes in the greens will knit back together over the next few days. Pins are in Front, Middle, Back sequence. E.g. 1st pin is at the front 2nd pin middle 3rd back 4th front 5th middle Etc. Mole on putting green. Please stay away from the hedge side of the putting green while Green staff continue to try and fix this issue. Please remember to rake the bunker if you have to play out of one. FIRE RISK Sustained hot weather has increased the risk of fire on the golf course and our neighbours in the surrounding area. Please ensure all GLASS BOTTLES and TOBACCO are discarded correctly and NOT left on the golf course. Dom
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