Community Amateur Sports Club (CASC)

Being able to join a great club at an affordable rate using the CASC scheme, allowed me to play golf within my personal budget.

- Member of the golf club -

CASC membership

The Harwich & Dovercourt Golf Club was first formed in 1906, and is a 9 hole CASC registered club situated between the villages of Dovercourt and Parkeston.

As a CASC registered club it is run by an elected committee, with only the Administrator, the Greens staff and the Bar Manager as paid employees. The catering is provided on contract.

Although we do not have our own professional on site, we have a link with Tom Hide from Frinton Golf club who would be pleased to assist you in your efforts to engage in the game of golf, and to start you on the right path or even improve your game once you have started on the path of proficiency.

As The Harwich & Dovercourt Golf Club is a CASC registered club, the decisions on how the club is run, are made by the members through the efforts of the elected committee. Every member has a voice, and suggestions, criticisms, and thoughts on improvements are always welcome.

We are proud of our club and you will find you will be given a warm welcome.