World Handicap System

The new World Handicap System (WHS) came in on 2nd November 2020. This is a fundamental change in handicap administration, replacing the historical CONGU system we were familiar with in this country.

Developed by The R&A and USGA in close coordination with existing handicapping authorities, the WHS will provide all golfers with a consistent measure of playing ability, with handicaps calculated in the same way, wherever they may be!

A key objective of the WHS was to develop a modern system, enabling as many golfers as possible to obtain and maintain an accurate Handicap Index. Golfers will be able to transport their Handicap Index globally and compete or play a casual round with players from other regions on a fair basis. It will also indicate the score a golfer is reasonably capable of achieving the next time they go out to play.

The WHS calculates your Handicap Index (a measure of your golfing ability) using your most recent 20 scores. From there, it will enable you and every golfer to compete fairly across any golf course in the world by converting your Handicap Indexes, according to the difficulty of a golf course and the tees that are being played from, to a Course Handicap.

A specific Slope and Course Rating is now used at/for every golf course, in order to give players a representative course handicap for that day. From 2nd November 2020, players will need to use the relevant handicap conversion chart to work out their course handicap for that day. Please see our course rating certificate and handicap conversion charts for you to refer to, below: