Membership Fees

Our annual fee's run from 1st May - 30th April.

Membership Fees
Adult Full Member £865
Adult Full Member 2010 £900
Dual Member £460
Country Member £630
Intermediate (age 18) £230
Intermediate (age 19-21) £265
Intermediate (age 22) £385
Intermediate (age 23) £435
Intermediate (age 24) £530
Intermediate (age 25) £560
Junior (age 14-18) £125
Willow Course £100
Social Member £60 (inc VAT)
CASC £520

Categories of Membership

Full Adult Member
A person over the age of 25 years on the 1st January - Joining fee £400

Full Adult Member 2010
A person over the age of 25 years on the 1st January - No joining fee

Dual Member
MUST be a full member of another club

Country Member
MUST live over 50 miles from the club

Intermediate Member
Applies to this age group which are either higher education or the first stages of work to ease the transition between Junior and Adult membership.

Social Member
Non playing member

Please contact Honorary Secretary for further details.

Membership Forms

Please see below the links to our Application Form and Direct Debit Mandate Form.

For more information on our Membership and full terms & conditions, please contact the office on 01255 503616 or email